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Today marks the 5th day since we started our nationwide industrial action.
We thank doctors for standing up and being counted in this pursuit of social justice, not only for our patients and the public but also for all health workers.
These past 5 days, various committees of the U.M.A including the National Executive Committee (NEC), the Elders Forum, Regional Branch Executive committees, and others have been actively engaging the government of Uganda, the media, the public, and fellow health workers.
In our engagements with the government, we have had meetings with H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda, the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Ministry of Health Top Management, and others.
In these engagements, we have not wavered from the following demands:
1. Approval of a supplementary budget to boost the drug and none-drug medical equipment and supplies including Personal Protective Equipment for health workers across the country.

  1. Employment of all Doctors and recruitment to all vacant jobs within the health system.

  2. Approval of a supplementary budget, with immediate effect, for salary enhancement of medical doctors at all levels including medical interns as per the Presidential directive.

  3. Prioritization of welfare improvement for doctors outside of salary such as medical insurance, tax-free vehicles, tax-neutral building materials as pledged in 2017.

  4. Compensation of all the families of health workers who have succumbed to
    COVID-19 in line of duty as per the workman’s compensation act 2000 with immediate effect.
    While we appreciate the openness of the government and their extended hand of support and commitment to fulfilling past pledges and current demands, the same pledges remain written and signed but not fulfilled since 2017.

Therefore, we maintain status quo in regards to the industrial action until we have tangible results from the government and not mere promises.
We remain committed to quality healthcare and welfare of medical doctors in Uganda