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Grand Doctors Conference 2022




AUTHORS: Dr Freddie Bwanga, Dr Edith Nakku-Joloba and Dr Edwin Ouma

Date: 11th -12th November 2022


Conference Dates:

11th–12th November 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline:

15th October 2022 at 23: 59 hours


Dear Medical Doctors, Researchers, Health Workers, Policy Makers, students and members of the civil Society.

On behalf of the Uganda Medical Association (U.M.A) andUganda Medical Association SACCO (UMA SACCO), we take this opportunity to invite and welcome you to UMA’s 6th Grand Doctors Conference (GDC)and Annual General meeting (AGM). Every year, U.M.A together with partners organizes a 2-day GDC and AGM conference – where medical doctors, health researchers from all over Uganda and the diaspora, universities and health Institutions present and discuss their work to an audience of medical, health scientists and community stakeholders from Uganda and internationally.

This year’s conference is being organized by key partners below:

  • Uganda Medical Association (UMA) and UMA SACCO
  • UMA Acholi Branch
  • Gulu University

Conference Dates: Friday 11th – Saturday 12th November 2022.

Venue: Bomah Hotel Ltd. Gulu City, Uganda.

Audience: 300–400 Doctors, Health Scientists &Policy makers in Uganda, Africa/Global Agencies

Guest of Honour:H.E YOWERI Kaguta Museveni President of the Republic of Uganda.



Friday 11th, and Saturday 12th November 2022.

On the 11th November, we will have Key Note addresses, Panel Discussions and Abstract presentations.

On the 12th November, we will have the Awards giving ceremony and the AGM.

On the evening of the last day,12th November, the conference will be crowned with the Grand Doctors Fellowship Dinner where the Guest of Honour is expected to be the President of the Republic of Uganda.


Bomah Hotel Ltd. Gulu City, Uganda.




Sub-Saharan Africa and Uganda in particular is facing an array of healthcare challenges compounded by current infectious disease burdens of epidemic status which are overwhelming to the indigenous health systems and are of grave concern to policy-makers, the health work force, and the populations at large.

Some of these challenges include inadequate infrastructure e.g. ICU facilities, healthcare financing, human resource gaps mostly in recruitment and motivation and lastly but not least aspects of supplies and logistics.

Amidst all this, the same recurring unfortunate banes still exist such as motorcycle accidents epidemic, antimicrobial drug resistance, etc. which are significant and realistic health threats already causing scores of morbidities and mortality in the population but which are not yet well curtailed.

Furthermore, and tellingly, in the wake of Covid-19 era, an upsurge of new paradigms of medical practice and management in Uganda like Online/Telemedicine, provision of home-based medical care, point of care disease testing and laboratory technologies and various other new technologies have emerged to greater popularity hence taking centre stage and, in some instances, requiring formulation of new regulations and policies.

Hence during this year’s conference, attention will be focused on analysing the above glaring gaps that have been blatantly laid bare by COVID-19 pandemic, with reliable current statistics, and showcasing evidence-based strategies that could be sustainably applied or are in effect to strengthen the health systems in Uganda. This is crucial at such a time especially after the manifestation of Covid-19 pandemic that had a severe impact globally and worse for developing countries like Uganda.

The 2022 UMA GDC conference will seek to create a robust and practical platform for scientific medical discussion among policy makers, health practitioners, medical researchers and Community stakeholders about these issues.

This GDC gives a chance to scientists to look back and reflect about lessons learnt so that the future of healthcare in Uganda is improved upon considerably.

This will be a major step towards paving solutions to mitigate/prevent old and upcoming epidemics or pandemics in this century.


I. Healthcare financing; Evidence on emerging and collapsing insurance schemes, sustainability of out of pocket financing and current state of infrastructure preparedness of the nation shall be explored.

II. Human Resource Management; Here-in experts will share perspectives on training requirements to sustain the healthcare system, remuneration and motivating factors of healthcare workforce insights shall be discussed.

III. Telemedicine and Nouveau practices in Uganda;Scientific papers on the rapidly developing area of digital and telemedicine will be discussed as well ass the new emerging practices such as home-based care and disease testing. Experts will also delve into the impact and role of mushrooming laboratory technologies and stakeholders in the fortification of the health system.

IV. Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases;Scientific papers on old and emerging trends of infectious diseases will be examined. New vaccines and therapies, new diagnostic techniques, and public health interventions will also be considered.

V. Patient Safety;Medication harm during care, the upsurge in mental illnesses and occupational safety as an underlining factor for health worker’s performance shall be critically explored and discussed. Also,doctor’s welfare concerns as conspicuously laid bare during the COVID-19 heights shall be brought on table for discussion.

VI. Emergency Care During and After the Epidemic;Under this sub theme, abstracts on how the health care system can be structured to respond adequately to mitigate damages due to epidemics shall be considered. Past lessons learnt shall also be shared.

VII. Lifestyle Diseases and the Covid-19; Abstracts on the burden, causes, and epidemiology of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and genetic disease will be discussed.


All participants are required to register. Register at the conference websites:

Also, click on the Link below to register.

If you are unable to register online, send an email to [email protected] for assistance.


Each participant is required to pay a registration fee. Just in case, you have not yet paid, please select your category and pay the registration fees as structured in the table below;

Conference Fee Structure:

UMA members, Ph.D. or postgraduate Students in UgandaUGX 100,000
International delegates not studying/working in UgandaUSD 100
All Medical studentsUGX 50,000

Why pay?Payment entitles you to full attendance, abstracts summary, and conference stationary. You will also be entitled to break tea, lunch & evening tea for 2 days. Also, your guaranteed entry into the exhibition and poster rooms.

NOTE: Accommodation, dinners, and touring are NOT covered in the registration fees. You may be required to book and pay for them by yourself separately.

Dinner with the President of Uganda

There will be a Grand Doctors Fellowship Dinner with H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the evening of the last day. To attend the dinner, register here.

How to Pay the Conference registration Fee:

Option 1: Pay digitally via mobile money or with bank card to the bank details below

Option 2:Pay by depositing cash or Cheque in the bank details below

Option 3: Pay by TT to the bank details below

Account No.:UGX: 9030005898225
Account Title: Uganda Medical Association
Bank & branch: Stanbic Bank, Wandegeya

Once payment is done into the bank, scan the bank slip and send to the email below: [email protected]

Once your payment is received, we will issue a receipt to you either physically or through an email.

Option 4: Pay at the conference secretariat and obtain a receipt.

Option 5: Pay upon arrival at the conference Hall on your first attendance day.

Note: In case an institution pays for her delegates before they register, the institution is required to email us the payment info and a list of the delegates paid for. These delegates should be asked by the institution to register online before the conference dates.

ABSTRACTS – 6th GDC 2022

Submission Deadline: 15th October 2022 at 23: 59 hours

Late Breaker Abstracts: 22nd October 2022.

Submit your abstracts to the email [email protected]

Abstracts rules

General rules:

Each abstract not to exceed 300 words.

Margins: Select Normal i.e. one inch on top, bottom and sides.

Font: Century Gothic.

Spacing: single spacing.

Alignment: Justified.

Specific section rules

Study title (maximum number of words is 20, font size 12, bold, central alignment)

Authors names (font size 10, not bold, central alignment)

Institutional affiliations of Authors (font size 9, not bold, central alignment)

Name and functioning email and phone contact of corresponding author (font size 8, not bold, central alignment).

Body of abstract should be formatted as follows:

  • Font: ‘Century Gothic’
  • Font size: 12 only.
  • Single spacing between lines
  • Body of abstract not to exceed 300 words


· Section headings must be written in Upper case (capital) letters, Bolded and italicized i.e. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE, OBJECTIVES, METHODS, KEY RESULTS, CONCLUSION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS or SIGNIFICANCE.

· Words coming after each section to be written in Century Gothic font, font size 12 not bold and not italicized except microorganism names.

· End each section with a full stop and begin the next section on the same line if there is still space.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th October 2022 at 23 59 hours


Audience: 300 – 400 Doctors & Health Scientists from Hospitals all over Uganda, Makerere University College of Health Sciences and other Health/Medical Training Institutions as well as Policy makers from Ministry of Health

Expected Guest of Honour: H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda

You can exhibit in the Exhibition Tent, Abstract book/Magazine or other as specified in the table below:

EXHIBITION APPLIED FOR (Circle serial number on Left to tell us your choice):

1. One by two metres Table in exhibition Tent (One person per table, entitled to break tea, lunch & evening tea)1,000,000
2. *Full page: Inside front cover, or back cover of abstract book1,000,000
3. Full page: First 5 pages and last 3 pages1,000,000
4. Half page: inside the abstract book500,000
5. Quarter page: inside the abstract book300,000
6. Display on the plenary Hall Screens during breaks for 2 days500,000
7. Visibility on the conference website as a sponsor/funder500,000
8. Items 1, 3, 6, and 7 above plus a presentation for 10 minutes in the plenary to popularise your Program/Project/Service/Drug/Equipment, etc plus Exhibition table (Bring maximum 2 people who will be entitled to break tea, lunch & evening tea for two days) AND Verbal Recognition as a Key Sponsor in the Plenaries by the UMA president, event coordinator2,000,000
9. All in 8 above plus a dedicated symposium in Plenary Hall for 1-2 hours and, if requested, a breakaway group meeting e.g. Research Group meeting, or departmental, or section meetingUSD 2,000


(Note: all Exhibitors to be listed on the Conference Website as soon as payment is received, and their company logos to be listed on the Funders recognition page in the abstract book)

Company/Organization legal name:
Physical addressPlot:
Postal address:
Nature of Business:
Official phone number:
Name of Contact person:
Phone No.(s) of contact person:
Email address of contact person:
Nature of Services items/to be exhibited: e.g. Goods,Program, Project, Services such as Health Care/Laboratory/ Insurance/Banking, Drugs, Medical/Lab instruments/Supplies, Clothes, Electronics, etc.

Note: Unlicensed items such as herbal medicines shall not be accepted at the exhibition hall/tent, and no refunds shall be expected.

How to Pay Exhibition Fees;

*Before payment, call conference secretariat to confirm availability of space inside front/back covers, if applicable.

OPTION 1: Pay by depositing cash in the bank details below. OPTION 2: Pay by TT/ Cheque to the bank details below;

Account No: UGX: 9030005898225
Account Title: Uganda Medical Association
Bank & branch: Stanbic Bank, Wandegeya

Once payment is done into the bank, send a scanned copy of the bank slip and the filled Exhibition application form to: <umagdc2022> Once we have received your payment and filled Exhibition application form, we will issue a receipt to you either physically or through an email and also book you on the list of exhibitors.

TERMS: 100% pre-payment before acceptance of your application, No refunds. DEADLINE: 15th Oct 2022 at 23 59 hrs.



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