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The Uganda Medical Association is a family of over 6000 doctors in Uganda and affiliated to Uganda. Join and be a part of this extensive network.

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Membership Benefits

  1. Access to a variety of Continous Proffesional Development Programs
  2. Representation to statutory and other bodies
  3. Access to affordable financial facilities
  4. Group indemnity insurance for medical practitioners
  5. Public and private sector labour relations advice
  6. Legal aid clinic for doctors
  7. Joint investment opportunities for doctors
  8. Free access to the Uganda Medical Journal
  9. Free access to the UMA Newsletter

Payment Options


TEL 1: +256781657163 (MTN Mobile Money)

TEL 2: +256706744927 (Airtel Money)

Note: Please remember to include details of why the funds are being transferred


For bank transfers, our bank is Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd.

Account number 9030005828863