Journal of Uganda Medical Association

Instructions for Authors

an article should be to advance or illuminate a scientific or practical issue, to educate or entertain the journal’s readers. A maximum of 10,000 words will be accepted.

Adverse drug reactions.

Reports of adverse drug reactions are peer reviewed and those accepted are published in the Correspondence section. Length must not exceed 900 words, only one table or figure is permitted, and there should be no more than five references, and no more than five authors.


Seminars may be scientifically or clinically focused, and should be at least 3 articles submitted by a Hospital Department, a Medical School or a Research Institute. Seminars can be a larger collection of articles with related topics and could be published as a supplement.


A hypothesis paper can be a scientific experimental project, not performed elsewhere yet, or theoretical approach to a new discovery. New data are not part of a hypothesis, but you must include a section on how to test your idea. The paper should contain at least 1500 words and 20 references.


A debate paper is submitted by 2 authors or two Research teams that undertake the responsibility to write down the 2 different opinions on a controversial medical issue.

Comments – Letters to the Editor.

They may include up to 900 words and 10 or so references) and comment someone else’s paper or other report or event within the past month or so, or in the near future. We will also consider longer Comments whose title will start with “Clinical update:” These pieces must be a useful update geared to clinicians seeking shorter pieces outside their specialty. They can be 1500 words, no more than 20 references, and with 1-2 figures/panels/tables).

World Medical News.

The Uganda Medical Journal welcomes articles covering news about science, medicine, policy issues, and people. The articles may be submitted by professional journalists, but a significant event in your country that might be of wider interest can be brought to the attention of our journal, as an article of World Medical News.