Grand Doctors Conference 2022

Sub-Saharan Africa and Uganda in particular is facing an array of healthcare challenges compounded by current infectious disease burdens of epidemic status which are overwhelming to the indigenous health systems and are of grave concern to policy-makers, the health work force, and the populations at large.Some of these challenges include inadequate infrastructure e.g. ICU facilities, healthcare financing, human resource gaps mostly in recruitment and motivation and lastly but not least aspects of supplies and logistics.Amidst all this, the same recurring unfortunate banes still exist such as motorcycle accidents epidemic, antimicrobial drug resistance, etc. which are significant and realistic health threats already causing scores of morbidities and mortality in the population but which are not yet well curtailed.Furthermore, and tellingly, in the wake of Covid-19 era, an upsurge of new paradigms of medical practice and management in Uganda like Online/Telemedicine, provision of home-based medical care, point of care disease testing and laboratory technologies and various other new technologies have emerged to greater popularity hence taking centre stage and, in some instances, requiring formulation of new regulations and policies.

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